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We will keep your building at a consistent and comfortable temperature, minimising energy wastage based on room occupancy. Our expert engineers can design and install truly unique and tailor-made systems to fit your exact cooling or heating needs.

Flair Energy provides air conditioning solutions for all sectors, from state of the art new builds to listed buildings. Living and working in a clean, comfortable climate has many benefits including improved health, hygiene and productivity. Modern air conditioning solutions will help you make considerable financial savings too.

The cooling process brings in fresh outdoor air and circulates internal air, filtering and removing pollutants and allergens. Furthermore, our smart VRF (variant refrigerant flow) systems can provide cooling and heating to different parts of a building, helping to please everyone and save on running costs. Once the installation is complete and running, we can carry out or final commission and test. Once this is complete to industry standards we will provide a full O+M package. You will have the commissioning sheets, operation manuals and F-Gas logs. This paperwork is important as it shows all the refrigerant carrying systems you have on site.